Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thumbnail youtube Money Man Talks Fake Jewelry, Investing, Staying Independent, Croptober Album... 54:00 Thumbnail youtube DJ Tony Neal On Evolving With Hip Hop, Guiding Artists,... 01:19:10 Thumbnail youtube Drumma Boy Talks Stories Behind Hits For Drake, Jeezy, Trap... 55:54 Thumbnail youtube Angela Stanton-King On Prison To Pardoned By Trump, Beef With... 01:08:47 Thumbnail youtube Dr. Travis Barber & Stack On Criminal Justice Reform, Helping... 58:07 Thumbnail youtube Uncle Dee On Street Life, Prison, Continuing Through Hard Times... 54:41 Thumbnail youtube YG On Success Changing People, His Music Career, Bad Record... 28:01 Thumbnail youtube Yahki Awakened On Curing Diseases Naturally, Society Collapse, & Rat... 56:28 Thumbnail youtube Khaotic Talks Unconditional Love, Gender Roles, Social Media & Rebuilding... 01:33:10 Thumbnail youtube Kelly KDubb On The State Of Comedy, Joke Stealers, Beef... 01:25:33 Thumbnail youtube Kenny Burns On Toxic Music, Atlanta's Evolution, Changing Culture, Life... 01:12:40 Thumbnail youtube BeatKing On Scarface, Explicit Live Shows, New Album, Acting, Female... 51:22 Thumbnail youtube Doe Boy On Relationships, Cleveland, Sada Baby, Future Collabs, The... 57:10 Thumbnail youtube Head, Big Homiie G & Big 30 On Pooh Shiesty,... 57:35 Thumbnail youtube Eldorado Red On Authentic Lyrics vs Storytelling, Snitching, Dangerous Rap... 01:40:31 Thumbnail youtube Skooly Talks Rich Kidz Breakup, Atlanta, Dropping New Music, Going... 01:13:44 Thumbnail youtube Pretty Vee Talks Wild ’N Out, Katt Williams, Being Fired,... 52:33 Thumbnail youtube Yung Mal on Gucci Mane, Starting His Label, Jail Time,... 01:06:40 Thumbnail youtube Flau'jae On NCAA Title Win, Balancing Music & Basketball, Relationship... 55:54 Thumbnail youtube Baby Drill Talks Drake Co-Sign, Street Life, Transitioning To Music... 01:02:22 Thumbnail youtube Lou Will On NBA Career, Evolution of Basketball, Load Management,... 49:51 Thumbnail youtube Peezy Talks Music Industry Fakes, Relationships, Investing, Signing Artists &... 01:07:07 Thumbnail youtube Trick Daddy On The South's Contribution To Hip Hop, Women,... 01:23:50 Thumbnail youtube Real Boston Richey On Bullseye 2, Snitching, Car Culture, Street... 01:25:26 Thumbnail youtube GoldMouf & Money Mu On Prison, Next Generation, Bad Contracts,... 01:13:56 Thumbnail youtube Fat Trel On Wale, Rick Ross, His Time In Prison,... 56:05 Thumbnail youtube Big Gipp & James Worthy Talk The Dungeon Family, Outkast,... 01:30:42 Thumbnail youtube Bubba Dub Talks Being A Comedian & Boomman Speaks On... 01:44:36 Thumbnail youtube T-Magic on His Come Up As A Magician & The... 01:12:53 Thumbnail youtube Famous Animal On His Platform, Transitioning From The Street Life,... 01:01:19

Atlanta legends Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade welcome the biggest names in hip hop culture on “Big Facts” for unfiltered conversations. 

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