Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thumbnail youtube How to Get $100 Million in Affordable Real Estate Developments:... 01:08:42 Thumbnail youtube Kyrie Irving's Agent Shetellia Irving on Him Leaving Nike, Taking... 01:14:17 Thumbnail youtube Rich Kleiman on Co-Building Kevin Durant's Empire, Pickleball, Angel Investing,... 01:20:41 Thumbnail youtube Dubai Real Estate Investing: A Black Woman's Triumph in The... 01:07:43 Thumbnail youtube How Eastside Golf Brought Culture to Golf: New Jordan 1... 01:27:42 Thumbnail youtube Daymond John on Building $350 Million Business Empire, Shark Tank's... 01:12:59 Thumbnail youtube Ray Lewis on Lack of Black Sports Owners, Athlete Money... 37:17 Thumbnail youtube Van Jones On Jeff Bezos's $100 Million Grant, Leaving Obama... 01:24:35 Thumbnail youtube Vic Mensa on the Laws of Branding, the Future of... 53:10 Thumbnail youtube Rich Paul & Junior Bridgeman On $600 Million Business Blueprint,... 58:29 Thumbnail youtube How To Negotiate Contracts, Trademarks, Copyrights, & Legal Protection For... 01:07:51 Thumbnail youtube Business Blueprint: Mental Health Franchise, Cosmetic Empire & Restaurants ft... 56:16 Thumbnail youtube Diddy On Diageo Lawsuit, Ciroc, Economic Unity, Challenges Being A... 57:52 Thumbnail youtube Nigel Sylvester on Being a BMX Legend, Sneaker Deal with... 01:12:46 Thumbnail youtube Unlocking Billionaire Business & Investment Secrets with Mike Novogratz, David... 57:57 Thumbnail youtube How to Master Events: Revenue Model, Maximizing Relationships, & Name... 01:31:15 Thumbnail youtube Terence Crawford on Errol Spence Victory, Boxing Business, Warren Buffett,... 58:52 Thumbnail youtube Yo Gotti on Tax Lessons, 360 Deals, Hip-Hop CEOs, Business... 01:15:08 Thumbnail youtube Lethal Shooter on Being a Celebrity Trainer, The NBA, Training... 01:22:09 Thumbnail youtube NFL Truths, Athlete Money Mistakes, Building a Brand, & Keys... 38:53 Thumbnail youtube Rotimi on Power, 50 Cent, Real Estate, Skincare Business, African... 01:22:14 Thumbnail youtube The Path to $100 Million: Restaurants, Hospitality, Night Life, Family,... 01:17:23 Thumbnail youtube Kenny Burns on The Spirits Industry, African Opportunities, Atlanta, &... 01:09:25 Thumbnail youtube 85 South on Their Media Empire, Netflix Special, Hate Attached... 01:45:39 Thumbnail youtube Symba on Youth vs Elder Culture, Music Mastery, Michael Jordan... 01:41:47 Thumbnail youtube Unlocking Government Contracts: Strategies for Securing Lucrative US Gov't Deals... 01:00:33 Thumbnail youtube Billion-Dollar Floral Industry, & Combining Black Love with Business 01:18:43 Thumbnail youtube Mary J. Blige on Tax Issues, Strength of a Woman,... 32:49 Thumbnail youtube Don Pooh on Running NYC's Top Restaurant, Owning a Food... 01:24:32

Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Rashad and Troy will be giving you financial views into the entertainment and sports as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs.

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